Red Light Management

Artist Bio

There is a neighbourhood to the east of Winnipeg’s Red River named St Boniface, a quiet corner of the city, where the street names nod to its Francophone history, and where the architectural reminders of a community forged amid Canada’s vast prairie still stand: railways, meat-packers, steel and faith and lumber and grain. “It’s a little bit of an underdog neighbourhood,” says Micah Visser. “It’s the one that no one really thinks about. But I think it’s unique and beautiful and we have a massive park you can walk into and see no sign of the city. My brother and I would walk there every evening and escape.” Visser named his band after this neighbourhood — it was after all where he grew up, where he spent his childhood learning violin and saxophone, guitar and piano, where he passed his days teaching himself the songs of Leonard Cohen and local heroes (and his Mother’s favourites) The Weakerthans, until he could no longer remember when he stopped playing other people’s songs and began writing his own. Where, over time, he forged a sound that would draw on all of these influences and more; that would take an indie sensibility and make it glisten, that found its way to a new kind of 21st century pop. 

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