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Carl Broemel

Artist Bio

Years before Carl Broemel joined My Morning Jacket — the Grammy-nominated, globetrotting rock band featuring his guitar playing, saxophone solos, harmony singing, pedal steel riffs, and songwriting support — he wrote his very first songs in his Indiana bedroom.

From the start, he was a multi-instrumentalist with a singer’s gift for melody. A sideman capable of handling a frontman’s job. As his guitar-playing career blossomed, Broemel continued writing songs of his own, carving out a personal, introspective sound that reached beyond My Morning Jacket’s sonic landscape. With his third solo album, Wished Out, he merges articulate, pensive songwriting — including ruminations about science, love, the passing of time, and the grind of the artistic struggle — with some of the most energetic, rock-inspired songs to date.

Broemel recorded Wished Out, released September 21st 2018, at his newly-constructed home studio in Nashville, tracking many of the instruments alone before reaching out to several friends — including Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick), Russ Pollard (Everest, Sebadoh), and My Morning Jacket bandmates Tom Blankenship and Bo Koster — for help. He worked in spurts, taking short breaks to drive his son to school and longer breaks to hit the road with My Morning Jacket.

In addition to Wished Out, on April 12th 2019 Broemel released a new EP titled “Brokenhearted Jubilee”, which like Wished Out, was released on his own label Stocks in Asia. A 7 track EP, inspired by the days of old cassette mix tapes, “Brokenhearted Jubilee” includes 6 covers and a new, original song by Broemel, weaving together songs well-known and new alike, a collection of melancholic yet beautiful music. Carl has also released a series of visualizers for each track, which can be found here.

“This is a collection of some of Eric and I’s favorite songs of all time, songs we come back to often.

Once we started recording them, there emerged a kind of connecting theme of

beauty amongst loss,  how the springtime only works as a result of experiencing the dark

energy of winter, and in doing so, brings life back again fresh and new.“

Broemel, together with longtime collaborator and drummer Eric Hopper, convened in the spring of 2018 to do some casual recording at Carl’s home studio. Broemel and Hopper’s shared obsession for all versions of the song “Junk” by Paul McCartney, was the starting point for their endeavor. It quickly turned a lighthearted get together into something with serious intent. Brokenhearted Jubilee – a wistful, paradoxical, line from the song – naturally became the shorthand name for the project and “Junk” became the EP’s opening track. This song, as well as 2 others, feature the unmistakable talents of harmonica master, Mickey Raphael who is best known for playing with Willie Nelson for the last 4 decades.

In the summer of 2019, Carl will once again join Tyler Ramsey (Band of Horses) for the “West Coast Duo Quest Tour” where he will play selections from both Wished Out and Brokenhearted Jubilee, amongst other songs from his career. Broemel and Ramsey will be accompanying each other as each plays from their catalog, for a unique live performance and meeting of the musical minds.

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