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Dead Nature

Artist Bio

Tarek Musa’s return to Liverpool has been both a homecoming and a new beginning. Combining his musical connection to the city and his knowledge of the industry at large, he has burst back on to the scene with his new project. Dead Nature is a rousing new facet to Musa’s repertoire and another string to his bow; growing from his insatiable need to create thought provoking, energetic music and the invigorating energy of the creative hub that he has found in Liverpool (Co-produced by Joe Wills and mastered by Mike Cave), the project has taken off at break-neck speed. Whilst the same taste of Musa’s distinctive sound still lingers, Dead Nature’s raison d’être exudes an introspective journey of self-discovery, focusing its energy on notions of pride, loneliness and escapism, harking back to Musa’s misspent youth. The new tracks offer up an unfettered juxtaposition which span from lows the likes of Springsteen’s crooning voice on tracks such as ‘Nebraska’ to the raw explosive tones of Arcade fire, fuelling the listeners with anticipation. Delving into Musa’s back catalogue it is clear to see he is well respected within the industry. Aside from the high critical acclaim received for his work with his previous band ‘Spring King’ his talents do not lie solely with his own material; his vacant hours are spent producing and engineering tracks from his Liverpool based studio for both budding and well-established artists. With the chance to examine his drive for creation and ability to analyse his previous movements within the industry, Dead Nature is an unrestricted look at the road already travelled.

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