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As a promising rising star, female DJ and producer FORTELLA brings vibrant emotions and deep excitement to the dance floor. In an industry mostly dominated by men, she brings to the EDM scene the spirit of a generation more connected to their hypes and lows, playing out tunes that portray the adrenaline of an exciting lifetime. Reaching more than 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify only a few months after her single debut ‘Get Up Of The Floor’, FORTELLA is captivating the attention of electronic music with tracks that keep repeating in your head. This multitalent young artist is full of surprises and energy combining a background of martial arts, film productions performing as a stuntwoman, a scuba diving license, and a big sense of spirituality. She brings into the industry a daring, empowered and still casual and resonating presence. Raised in the UK, FORTELLA found herself at some point living above a nightclub in London where she found the initial inspiration and first steps to become a DJ. After experiencing live performances of British DJ and producer Hannah Wants, among other artists, she decided to step forward. As she describes, there was something in the crowd, the beats, the lights, the sweat and the energy that triggered her purpose: she was meant to make people dance, and that has turned out to be her current mission and passion. Few weeks before her first single, the young female DJ also released her first official remix and summer hit ‘Still (I Got Summer On My Mind) [FORTELLA Remix]’ by Swedish duo JJ. With more than 10 million streams on Spotify in the first months, this indie-pop sound with smooth electronic and strong hip-hop influences has been in the loop of different clubs of the techno scene, putting her name into the EDM scene as a promising artist. FORTELLA was named after the Norwegian expression ‘å fortelle’, meaning ‘to tell’, which symbolizes in a way her constant journey. Producing her live sets at her houseboat in the surroundings of London, the female DJ is able to translate into tunes and beats her personal memories and struggles with a twist of power and optimism to keep carrying on and dance away the negative. Challenging the given stereotypes of gender and roles, FORTELLA is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Her confident and energetic personality mixed with an effortless cool style has taken her under the wing of Virgin Records sharing stage at the Universal Inside 2022 also with big players in the industry such as Afrojack or Felix Jaehn. Currently producing new tracks, you cannot wait to listen to what is coming next.

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