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“Starting off with keyboards as an infant, he taught himself how to improvise on the piano throughout the years. G-Space has created his own distinct sound that grazes multiple genres, such as; world, funk, jazz, trap, glitch, orchestral, and bass. He tends to play a set that is consisted mainly of his originals and the rest is filled with close friends’ music and other artists that he looks up to. G-Space has nested his way into quickly becoming one of the most interesting acts in the scene. His passionate piano solos can be heard throughout his music, and he has developed a signature sound.

Not only does he play on multiple instruments and create amazing electronic music to match it, he has added a unique visual aspect to his performance. It’s called ‘Tricking’ which by definition, is a style “of extreme sport where the “athletes” do cool, fast, beautiful flips and kicks without any wires or trampolines, performed to music,” (Defined from Urban Dictionary.) While playing the keytar on stage he is able to do a backflip and other insanely physically demanding and talented tricking skills. Having this special type of performance has been getting him recognized by many, as he has played Imagine Festival, Ultra Festival, and has just recently finished his ‘Euro-Trip Tour’ which spanned across several countries in Europe.”

-The Chronic Electronic Magazine


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Tour Dates

May 18 2024
G-Space (DJ Set) w/ Yheti
Seattle, WA
May 24 2024
G-Space (DJ Set) @ The Stacks at Lightning in a Bottle
Bakersfield, CA
Jun 06 2024
G-Space (DJ Set) @ Fam Fest
Harmony, ME
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Jun 14 2024
G-Space Presents: Dark Matter @ The Green Elephant
Dallas, TX
Jun 15 2024
G-Space Presents: Dark Matter @ Kingdom
Austin, TX
Jun 21 2024
G-Space Live @ June Jam Festival
Flagstaff, AZ
Aug 01 2024
G-Space (DJ Set) @ The Homie Collective Campout 2024
Charlton, MA
Aug 23 2024
G-Space (DJ Set) w/ Eazybaked
Bellvue, CO
Oct 03 2024
G-Space Live @ Submersion Festival
Hammonton, NJ