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Little White Things

Artist Bio

Little White Things would never have existed, were it not for a chance meeting, just in the nick of time. After the collapse of his previous band, Max Bergstrom was close to packing up and leaving London for his native Sweden, but after bumping into the exuberant Dave Behan at a late-night party, the Irishmans vision for his next musical project was enough to convince his new pal to stick around.

 The two decamped to Daves bedroom studio and soon discovered they had similar music upbringings, despite the distance between their hometowns Kalmar and Dublin. Max first picked up a guitar at twelve years old, handed down by his dad – beaten up and with only five strings – while Dave began obsessively playing Nirvana on his fathers guitar aged ten. Uncovering a shared love of The Beatles and admiration for bands like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Tame Impala, the first few writing sessions would prove an instant catalyst for Little White Things folk-tinted psychedelic riffs and gloriously infectious vocal melodies.

 In another twist, the band encountered Gilbert Vierich of Crystal Fighters fame and To Kill A Kings Ben Jackson while piecing together the live show at their new rehearsal room. Gilbert and Ben would go on to mix and produce last years knockout debut track: the enchanting, uplifting Step Back. Piquing the interest of tastemaker blogs like Pigeons and Planes, as well as Radio 1s Annie Mac, the track confirmed Little White Things buzz band status and racked up over almost half a million plays in the process. Having spent much of 2016 plotting their next move, Little White Things are ready to return this week with Corner Of.

 Powered by Daves catchy pop choruses, Corner Of is the perfect reintroduction to Little White Things sparkling aesthetics, and only further asserts the ambitions they laid out at that first fateful meeting: to bring the party, encourage mass singalongs and eventually conquer stadiums. Enjoy the ride. 


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