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There is a sense of grandeur in everything the arena-ready Lancaster band Lowes do. “We’re all driven,” says drummer and producer Luke Paget. “We want to headline festivals, we want big things.”

Take, for example, “Here We Are”; an epic statement from a band with great ambitions. Opening with a sparse piano part, vocalist Evie Plumb stops you in your tracks as she sings “I was a child at just 19.” The song then builds toward a cinematic high-point as the rest of the band (Paget plus guitarist Jamie Walker and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Kane) join her on the rib-rattling track. “Here we are, falling too fast for you” Plumb sings over an exultant backing, “Here we are falling again.” It’s an energetic sound for a band who know the sky is the limit. 

Having formed just outside Lancaster in the north west of England, the band’s first single (2016’s “Awake At Night”) led to intense industry attention. Wisely choosing to take a step back from the heat, the group recouped in their home studio located in a small village. All four members of Lowes live in the property too, with the creative hub acting as HQ for everything from writing to Kane’s work on the band’s visual output. “It’s a bungalow in the middle of nowhere, so we can stay up late and make noise. It’s great.” he says having recently returned from Sweden where her oversaw a series of live sessions among the stunning Scandinavian vistas. Plumb, too, credits the unique set-up with Lowes’s gargantuan sound. “If you ever hit a block when you’re writing you can go for a walk and you’ve got the fells in front of you. You come back fresh. Looking out of the window onto nature helps massively. That love of nature feeds into the music.”

Musically the band’s influences sit firmly between the festival-headlining bands they love and vocalists as similarly dominant as Plumb. “All the bands we admire make timeless music and that’s what we do too,” she says citing Florence + The Machine, Lorde, and Birdy as kindred spirits. “That ambition to bring people together, that magic, and make them forget about life outside is what we love to do.” As for the rest of the band, Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, and the sonic landscapes of M83 and Hans Zimmer are all name-checked. Kane also looks to the world of cinema for the band’s unique visuals, with the iconic films of Stanley Kubrick mentioned as a key inspiration. 

“Here We Are” is the first track from the band’s debut EP, due for release later in 2018. The four-song collection will take in the full scope of Lowes, with the band adding chilled and moody elements into their sound alongside the lofty and magnificent sonics they have established themselves with. “I think it shows the diversity of the band,” Plumb says of the anticipated release. Lowes know that nothing is beyond them and are not afraid to stretch themselves as they chase their goals. “We’re not trying to blend in,” Plumb says. Paget, agrees, adding: “The choruses really pop out and that’s important to us. We want our songs to connect with people emotionally.” Summing up everything Lowes are ultimately about, Plumb finished his sentence: “I want to sing my heart out and to do that you have to mean what you’re saying.” If the music stays this good, there will be an army of fans joining Lowes on their mission.

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