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Maddie Medley

Artist Bio

There’s a haunting vulnerability and stark openness to Nashville-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Maddie Medley’s new song, “Coming of Age.” The first and only instrument you hear for the duration of the song is the strumming of her electric guitar. It’s got an intoxicating verve to it, as she vocally dives into the song. It’s a sound that immediately sweeps you off your feet. Like a look back over your shoulder to the earlier work of PJ Harvey, Medley stands alone with just her guitar, singing about a personal insight many 20-somethings grapple with – “coming of age” – and in this case, its with love. “Shouldn’t I know how to do this by now / can somebody tell me how to figure this out,” she sings. “I am coming of age in the quietest way, you are looking at me, but I don’t know what to say” she continues, then questioning over and over, “are you sure it’s supposed to feel this way?”

Over the last two years, Medley has released a three-song EP, two standalone singles and, now, “Coming of Age.” New on the Nashville music scene, she’s starting to play out more regularly, but word of mouth about her strong, confident live performances is spreading. Whether rocking an acoustic or electric, what stands way in front of the songs is her voice. It’s commanding and exhilarating, with a refreshing lyrical directness. – Bruce Warren, NPR

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Tour Dates

Feb 26 2020
Terminal West
Atlanta, GA
Feb 26 2020
Terminal West
Atlanta, GA
Feb 27 2020
The Creek Stage at the Rookery
Macon, GA
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Feb 29 2020
Victory North Savannah
Savannah, GA
Mar 12 2020
The Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC
Mar 17 2020
Evanston, IL
Mar 18 2020
Beachland Ballroom
Cleveland, OH
Mar 21 2020
Union Stage
Washington, DC
Mar 22 2020
Lincoln Theatre
Raleigh, NC