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Artist Bio

Growing up in the grim north west Andrew Anderton aka OLSEN started playing guitar and skateboarding from the age of 11. He was listening to bands like Radiohead, rock music & the Clash alongside getting his musical education via skate videos and Tony hawks pro skater 2. At the age of 14 a fractured skull and a near death experience pulled the plug on skateboarding for him and he retreated inside with his guitar. At around 16 years of age he started to form bands, but without much direction on what music he wanted to write they all fell flat and developed into nothing. From listening to the electronic palettes of Radiohead he discovered producers like Burial and Boards of Canada. When this discovery was made, he was drawn to the dark and cold sounds that reflected the grim conditions of  the north west. His first step into electronic production was when he downloaded Fruity Loops software and began to play around. Being able to make a whole track from start to finish in a day satisfied his severely short attention span. 
By the time he got to university, Dubstep was in full swing and a visit to the West Indian centre for Sub Dub in Leeds cemented his love for electronic music. As musical experiences go that was an absolute turning point for him, the sheer power of sound and the way it brought everyone together amazed him. Throughout uni he cut his teeth playing the opening slots in clubs in Leeds, Manchester and London, all the while moving between musical styles and sounds trying to figure out which space he slotted into. After uni and with no student loan and rent to pay, his job all but sucked the life out of him. During work one night he had an epiphany and thought fuck this I’m getting out of here and quit his job to spend more time doing what he loved, making music. Since then he returned to music with a new focus and a direction in what he views as his own sound.
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