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Oscar Browne


Hailing from North London, Oscar Browne is a multi-instrumentalist come-singer-songwriter, who’s spellbinding style of meticulous alt-folk, is a contemporary force of seminal nature.

Building a world out of pine trees and finger-picked-mortar, and nesting warmly within the branches of Stephen Fretwell, Nick Mulvey, and John Martyn, Oscar Browne’s roots lie in the foundational intricacy of golden-age songwriting. A founding member of the London based folk-collective Broadside Hacks (amongst other banded ventures), Oscar Browne’s creative capability is a limitless array of captivating delights; a timeless sense of musical magnitude which’ll only keep growing with fine prowess, as Browne continues to cut his teeth as a beguiling ‘must see artist with a widely regarded live show.

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