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Peytan Porter realized early that for her, the only songs worth writing and singing were songs with something to say. “I think we’d all be a bit better if we gave ourselves a little talking to before we started pointing fingers at other people,” she says. “That’s a common thread in the songs I write: I don’t play the victim well. I’ve always been drawn to an empowered perspective that’s more rooted in self-awareness. That doesn’t leave much time for dwelling on the way people choose to treat me, and instead, makes me focus on what I can do to change my own situation.”

In her tightly crafted songs that seamlessly blend classic country storytelling and pop-savvy hooks, Porter finds relatable strength not through tearing anybody else down, but through building herself up. It’s an insightful stance for the 24-year-old to take––and one that points to the maturity not just of the person, but of the artist. Add Porter’s dynamic soprano to the mix, and it’s obvious why an alliance of respected Nashville veterans and smart young pros have taken her underwing. Porter’s voice demands attention: Capable of both acrobatic climbs and more subdued moments, her vocals communicate hurt and hope before a listener even begins to mull over her lyrics.

In early 2021, Porter signed her first deal as a joint venture with Jody Williams Songs and Warner Chappell Music. If the high expectations surrounding her next moves––including an anticipated debut project––feel daunting, Porter isn’t letting on. “I finally get to share what I’ve been working on for the past five years,” she says. “I feel like these songs have helped me get through a lot during the past few seasons of my life.”

Growing up in small Dawsonville, Georgia, Porter always believed her singing would take her somewhere else. It did: She moved to Nashville in 2016 to attend Lipscomb University, but she never truly left Dawsonville behind. As the middle child in a family of three daughters, she mastered the art of balance. “I’m the stereotypical middle kid,” she says, laughing. “I am most comfortable nestled between two very different things, whether that’s two distinct sisters or country music and pop music. I’m a peacemaker. I like bringing people together and finding common ground.” That balancing act has also applied to her sense of place: She’s held on to rural roots and while chasing city aspirations. “I’m bringing my favorite parts of both with me. I’m not rejecting either side,” Porter says.

Busy co-writing, collaborating, and recording, Porter is eager for more music lovers to finally hear her work. “I hope that when people hear my songs, they feel understood and seen in whatever they’re going through,” she says. “I also want them to feel hope for what’s going to happen next. I’m a big believer that nothing goes wrong only for something worse to happen. Whoever is writing our story isn’t just going to keep putting us down. Something better is on the other side.”


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Tour Dates

Aug 06 2023
Gorge Amphitheatre
Quincy, WA
Aug 11 2023
Tidalwave Music Festival 2023
Atlantic City, NJ