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Ruth B. You know the voice. You know her hits, after all, she’s responsible for some of the biggest records of the past decade. But do you know the stunning Canadian-Ethiopian singer/songwriter/pianist behind all those songs of raw emotional honesty? Do you know the girl behind the metaphorical lyrics you sang in your car, “Peter Pan, that’s what they call me. I promise that you’ll never be lonely and ever since that day. I am a lost boy from Neverland, usually hanging out with Peter Pan and when were bored, we’d play in the woods, always on the run from Captain Hook?” When she released the global chart-topping triple-platinum massive single from her 2015 debut “Lost Boy,” Ruth B. emerged as an immediately captivating artist who drifts between moody realism and a dreamworld of her own making. An occasional poet who created her own storybooks as a child, she showed the world a glimpse that she wasn’t just an undeniable talent but as a songwriter, she could capture beautiful stories inspired by just about anything. And yet, Ruth B. was still just a young girl naïve to the dangers of heartbreak yet precocious enough to enjoy the beauty of the journey. Heartbreak is a perfect pivot to “28,” the 2023 collaboration between Ruth B. and Dean Lewis, a song where this wallflower songwriter who tends to write about others’ stories tears away the layers of a personal anguish to reveal herself to her fans. Ruth B. hints at the song’s meaning saying, “For me the song is about choosing yourself and finding yourself and sometimes that means loving someone from afar and that’s totally okay and a part of life.” But more to that later.

As the daughter of immigrants from Ethiopia, Ruth grew up on music from her parents’ native country and later discovered the artists who would become formative influences on her songwriting, such as Stevie Wonder and Lauryn Hill. After taking up piano at the age of eight and singing her entire life, Ruth began writing songs in her late teens and soon came up with “Lost Boy.” Initially posted on Vine in 2015, or as some would say TikTok before TikTok, the Peter Pan-inspired piano ballad quickly went viral, with listeners undeniably drawn to Ruth’s heart-on sleeve storytelling. By the end of 2015, she’d released her gold-certified debut EP “The Intro,” which led to such triumphs as winning Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2017 Juno Awards. Made with producers like Joel Little (Lorde, Taylor Swift) and Mike Elizondo (Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor), her platinum-certified full-length debut “Safe Haven” arrived in 2017 and earned her three Juno nominations, including Album of the Year and Artist of the Year.

By her sophomore album “Moments In Between,” released in June 2021, Ruth B. more mature and ever more seasoned pushed her disposition to new heights bringing boldness, sophistication and polish to this album delivering her most impactful work to date.

In 2022 Ruth B. would soar beyond with the help of an internet resurgence of a previously released Ruth B. song, “Dandelions.” TikTok and Instagram would do their thing and soon “Dandelions” was locked at #33 on the Spotify Top 100 Most Streamed Songs of 2022, and at the time also surpassed over One Billion Total Streams. Then along came Tyler Perry’s feature film A Jazzman’s Blues with Ruth B.’s beautiful composition “Paper Airplanes,” used as the end title song. To follow it all up came “Jupiter Rising” from R&B young superstar Rod Wave utilizing Ruth’s new song, “Paper Airplanes” as the musical bed for his R&B hit single.

This year brought more hits with “Always You” the theme song from the major motion picture Maybe I Do, to the young singer Lyn Lapid’s hot new Republic Records track “Do You Really” composed by and featuring Ruth B. on vocals. But it would also bring life experiences that although tough led to perhaps her best and most honest song yet, the unforgettable collaboration with viral music sensation Dean Lewis, “28.” One of the most memorable lyrics of “28” is “I guess I had to lose you on the way to finding me.” Ruth says, “That’s an important sentiment I want to tell people and talk about more.” She continues, “there’s importance of sometimes putting yourself first.”

With over 4 billion cumulative streams (including 1.4 billion on “Dandelions”), Rolling Stone proclaiming that “She’s THE one to watch,” and millions upon millions of followers, views and likes across all social platforms, as an artist, she has the muscle of the algorithm, but this year, we invite you to really get to know the beautiful soul that is Ruth B.

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