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Teeth Machine

Artist Bio

Teeth Machine is the one-of-a-kind creation from the minds of vocalist / guitarist Gray Rimmer, and saxophonist / lead guitarist Arthur Bently. Having ceaselessly spent the last few years conjuring up a back-catalogue of what can only be described as atmospheric genius.

Solidifying the line-up with Jamie Staples (Wunderhorse, Matt Maltese, Broadside Hacks) on drums, bassist Anthony Boatright (Monzanto Sound) and Ciara Reddy (one half of the directorial pair behind all the band’s video work to date) on vocals / synth, Teeth Machine’s debut single ‘Drive By DK’, was released in February 2022 via close pals Slow Dance Records; before the group eventually settled with indie label Ra-Ra-Rok.

Where ‘Drive By DK’ swirled with impassioned exhaust- like a tranquil headrush after a heavy bout of tears, in their Ra-Ra-Rok debut ‘Gumball’, cupid’s arrow is set on fire and shot into the infinite abyss of relationships, euphoria, and murky unknowns.

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