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“We are The Acid.” Until now, those were the only five syllables The Acid had collectively, publicly uttered.The Acid are three people that make music they want to share on its own merit, it just happened that the music was so immediately captivating, so markedly different, that word spread fast and the more people talked about their definition-tripping self-named EP, the more this lack of information became a thing. As they put it, “It wasn’t supposed to be mysterious, we just wanted the body of work to speak for itself.”

Most bands are created by their founding members, their music an accomplishment greater than the sum of its parts. Band names and ambitious plans spawned as teenage dreams, the music written, played and crafted, then a body of work released into the world. You could say this of all art. It’s the creation of the artist. The Acid, however, and their unusually beautiful body of work, might be different. Consider this:The Acid is not the creation of its band members, but is an unknown entity, a force in itself, which found these three individuals to bring itself into the world.

They are:

Californian polymath Steve Nalepa, who has been a strong influence in the west coast music scene, helping craft the minds of future beatmakers as professor of music technology at a prestigious university’s conservatory of music. He also devises courses for music production school Dubspot, as well as designs Ableton Live rigs for some of the biggest touring acts in the world. Beyond his strong lines in music, Nalepais also a publisher of award-winning art books which focused on challenging traditional ideas about culture through the esteemed, self-launched Dilettante Press.

Grammy-nominated producer and renowned globe-trotting DJ Adam Freeland. Self-professed pronoiac, creator of subversive crossover hit “We Want Your Soul,” and founder of Brighton’s seminal Marine Paraderecord label. Whatever the musical project, Freeland has been consistently revered for his topnotch production skills and the shattering of preconceptions.

Australian born, LA/Berlin-based music artist and producer Ry X, whose “Berlin” EP was released on Swedish label Dumont Dumont and Infectious Music in 2013 to critical acclaim. An incessant collaborator and devout hunter of creative mirrors, he started the Berlin based project “Howling” with Frank Wiedemann, one half of German deep house duo Âme. This birth of “tender techno” saw their track‘Howling’, which released on Âme and Dixon’s cult label Innervisions, become one of the years best and a #1 across Europe’s deep house charts and club scene.

Whether ‘They are The Acid’ or The Acid is them, it shall captivate all who hear it.

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