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October 8, 2021

“If I want my music to last in the world, I have to stay as authentic as possible, and that means not compromising or being boxed in. That also applies to just being a human. Wherever that leads me, I’m sure that’ll be the place that I was meant to be, both musically and mentally.”
– Christian Lopez

“Lopez meshes the fond memories of a past love with the hard lessons we earn from a life of beautiful mistakes.”
– Chillfiltr

“​​lyrically relatable”
– The Indy Review

“Primed for stardom”
– PopMatters

Today, Christian Lopez has released his third studio album The Other Side produced by Robert Adam Stevenson (Jeff Beck, Queens Of The Stone-age, Johnny Depp). Lopez will be celebrating the new release tonight (October 8) in Washington DC at 9:30 club along with Boy Named Banjo. Lopez will continue touring this fall and winter. All up to date news and tour information can visit

A musician’s musician, Lopez plays every instrument on The Other Side, with an assist from drummer Carl Thompson. While the West Virginia native’s earlier albums, 2015’s Onward and the 2017 follow-up Red Arrow, embraced more organic sounds and instruments — underscoring his Appalachian lineage and roots-rock pedigree — The Other Side smartly expands and electrifies his palette. It’s a muscular record, dynamic and unencumbered by genres, but with hints of Lopez’s influences: the Avett Brothers, David Byrne, Tom Waits, and Johnny Cash.

A collection of 12 eclectic songs that veer from sprightly indie-rock to brutally vulnerable ballads, The Other Side is the sound of a man who knows precisely who he is. Now 26, he’s excised the trappings of a youth run wild and all but killed the ego that can undermine the evolution of an artist. “Take the blade from my hand and do what I can’t: cut me down,” Lopez pleads in the slow-burning “Tanglin’.” He doubles down on that sentiment of transformation in the brooding title track: “I’m gonna go to the woods and come out the other side,” he sings over and over again like a mantra.
“This album is a product of the strength I had to walk away from everything I knew,” Lopez says. “I had to start fresh on my own.”

Christian Lopez
The Other Side
Release Date: October 8, 2021

Track Listing:
Nothing Wrong
Sip Of Mine
Sick Of Me
Feel The Same
The Other Side
Who You Really Are
Miss Me Too
I Don’t Mind
Finish What You Started
Blows My Mind (To You)