Red Light Management


April 23, 2022

Pop-soul powerhouse Lindsey Lomis returns with the sentimental new single “die with my friends” on Altadena/Warner Records. It’s her first new recording since the release of her major-label debut EP, In the Madness, in 2020. Listen HERE.

A bittersweet ode to high school endings and new beginnings, the song began to take shape as Lomis’ friends were leaving for college. “‘die with my friends’ is about the naïve idea that we could all live our separate lives and come back together for the end of them,” she explains. “It’s not about wanting to die, but wanting to spend your life with the people you’re closest to.”

Bursting with that teenage optimism, the track shines with a shimmering guitar lick as Lomis’ soulful vocals evoke a touch of melancholy. “If we’re all gonna die, I might as well die with my friends,” she declares. It’s the kind of heart-tugging, relatable anthem that will be played at proms and high school parties for years to come.

While tastemakers like Ones to Watch have compared her emotive songwriting to that of Amy Winehouse, Lomiscontinues to define her own voice as she steps into adulthood. Following the release of In the Madness, she spent the last year honing her performance chops, supporting Wild Rivers, The Brook & The Bluff, Lawrence, and now JoJo, her “Slow Motion” collaborator, who she’ll be joining again next month on the European leg of her tour. Stay tuned for more to come from Lomis later this year!