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Lissie Announces New Covers EP ‘Cryin’ To You’

March 10, 2014

Today Lissie announces the release of her new covers EP, ‘Cryin’ To You’, featuring stunning re-worked versions of Danzig’s ‘Mother’, One Direction’s ‘Story of My Life’, Judas Priest’s ‘Electric Eye’, Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘To Ramona’. The EP is set to be released digitally on March 10th.

“The band and I are very excited to release our new covers EP “Cryin’ To You”. Self produced in our home of Ojai, CA. It’s our first independent release! We were approached to cover “Mother” by Danzig which led to a fun week in the studio that inspired us to lay down some other covers we had either been playing live already or had been wanting to do.”, explains Lissie.

“I chose “Story of My Life” because it was a current hit with lyrics I could identify with. I chose “Electric Eye” because a friend suggested I check it out after a conversation we’d had about the Internet and privacy. It was ahead of its time! We’ve been performing “Hold On, We’re Going Home” live and I think it’s a really beautiful song. “To Ramona” I’d covered as a solo artist and its message still speaks to me today.  We’ve jokingly called what we’ve made “roller rink folk metal” but as silly as it sounds I think this work is indicative of what’s to come. Raw and tough yet still tender and vulnerable. I really hope people enjoy it! “

Lissie’s exhilarating cover of ‘Mother‘, taken from the EP, has been synced to the trailer of the upcoming blockbuster video game ‘Evolve’, which has scored over 10 million views in under two weeks on YouTube. Watch the trailer