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May 21, 2021




South East London’s Mysie has released her anticipated new EP Undertones today via her new label home 70Hz, owned by her mentor, producer and now close collaborator Fraser T Smith.

“It’s about love and relationships and opening up people to my world,” she says of the EP’s meaning. “There are so many feelings within it: love, excitement, fear… it sums up everything that happens underneath the relationship that affects the outcome. It’s about my relationship with love itself, and wearing my heart on my sleeve”.

The old fashioned “It’s not you, it’s me” saying finds new life in the opening track Don’t Take It Personal, about the ways personal preferences sometimes trump the desire to please others. On the surface, it may seem deceptively simple until you bury beneath it. “Feels like we’re dragging on / It wasn’t meant to be / Can’t give you what you want,” Mysie says around ticking synths and claps, with glimmers of quieter things at play.

There is, despite the unassuming indie nature of this project, a core idea of love being lived in a maximalist manner; so fully it’s close to bursting point. Mysie is an artist who doesn’t seem fussed about half measures, but even when her whole soul is in it, there’s a gorgeous restraint, somewhere, reining things back in. Newest single, Seven Nights, is a song that bottles the spontaneity of fast love; “I may be foolish but at least I’m free,’ she sings.

But that reckless abandon segues into heartbreak too. Keep Up With Your Heart balances languid, sunny guitar strings with a more sombre songwriting. It was inspired by a boy who cheated on her, but who she returned to after talking things through. Love has a habit of overwhelming her – or it did, at least. But she’s learned from that experience. “I would have never done that now!” she says of second chances. “There’s something uplifting about being able to admit that.”

So when she does approach those second chances in her songs, Mysie does so with a burst of energy and optimism. Over Time is a reflective number that Mysie considers the sister piece to Keep Up With Your Heart. The rhythm, spectral synths paired with flamenco hand claps and acoustic guitars; channeling the lyrical idea of being strong enough to start again. But that’s Mysie’s attitude: embrace love, live within it, and make art from it, no matter the cost.

It rounds up with the clever In My Mind, a track written about “the prospect of lust”, and the yearning to be with someone you shouldn’t want to be with. Pared back and covertly carnal, it’s an intelligent sonic articulation of feeling control slip through your fingers, and being drawn towards someone for a brief moment.

Support for Mysie continues to snowball from all corners of the media, including The FaderHungerNotionNMESunday TimesColors, Crack, The Independent, Radio 1, 1xtra & 6 Music whilst also being tipped by the likes of The Line Of Best FitTMRWDork & Gal-Dem  as an exciting new artist to watch.


DORK – ‘Letting her creative vision roam freely, the EP is a collection of atmospheric highs driven by an introspective stream-of-consciousness lyricism. It’s this intoxicating blend of the carefree with the vulnerable that offers a distinctive edge. With unbound potential, Mysie is only getting started’ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

NME  ‘First the Ivors, next the world’

THE LINE OF BEST FIT – Mysie shows fascinating dynamism in this EP – an anthology of her unified yet ever-developing artistry and an exciting illustration of what’s to come’ 9/10