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Sam Tsui Debuts New ‘Clumsy’ Video

April 10, 2018

The biggest obstacle in our relationships can oftentimes be ourselves. Learning how to be there for another human being is hard, and grappling with the self-destructive voices in our head is an ongoing struggle – and sometimes they win.

With his new single ‘Clumsy’ (premiering exclusively on PRIDE), openly gay YouTuber Sam Tsui fights to overcome his inner saboteur – in a more literal sense than most.

“‘Clumsy’ is one of the most meaningful songs to me on my new album Trust,” Tsui told PRIDE. “The song is about the ways we can inadvertently sabotage our own relationships and push away the people we love without meaning to.

“In it, a beautiful duet between two dancers (myself and the incredibly talented Kent Boyd) is slowly unravelled by a third figure, who is, in fact, another ‘me’ – a manifestation of that self-destructive voice in our own heads to which I think we can all relate.”

The moving choreography in the piece was a challenge Tsui was more than willing to accept, and he worked tirelessly with he previous choreographer (Cameo) and music video director (Cameo/Trust) to make it an experience for his fans. “Learning a full-length dance-concept piece was a challenge I was excited and nervous to take on, and I was so lucky to get to work with the wonderful choreographer Kayla Kalbfleisch and director Jade Ehlers.”

“I am so excited to share this really beautiful and meaningful piece with fans.”