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Seven Lions Revisits His Metal And Acoustic Roots On ‘Creation’ Available Now On Casablanca Records

March 28, 2016

Before diving into electronics, west coast songwriter and producer SEVEN LIONS began in guitar-based music. For his new EP CREATION, out today (March 25) on Casablanca Records, he returns to his base of musical influence.


“Really glad to finally get this EP out there. Some of these songs I have been working on for years. A few of these you will recognize from my recent live sets,” says SEVEN LIONS. “As well as having some high energy songs, for this EP I really wanted to experiment with some non dance floor related tracks and really get back to my metal and acoustic roots. Hope you guys enjoy!”

Creation is the follow-up to 2015’s The Throes of Winter EP, which featured popular collaborations such as “A Way To Say Goodbye” [featuring Sombear] and “December” [featuring Davey Havok]. With abounding fantasy imagery, acoustic songwriting and an affinity for heavy metal and classical, SEVEN LIONS (aka Santa Barbara, CA Jeff Montalvo) blasts electronic dance music into a new universe. Incorporating epic orchestral swells and folk-inspired passages, the music reflects the adventurous spirit of the title.

The EP welcomes listeners with “Intro” and then builds into an ominous climax augmented by keys and guitar with “Summer of the Occult,” which first reared its head at the 2014 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Then there’s “Creation,”which pairs his cinematic production with entrancing vocals from Icelandic band Vök. “Coming Home”-featuring singer/songwriter Mike Mains–begins with a soft plucked acoustic guitar and delicate harmony punctuated by a subtle synthbefore dropping into piano, bell, and organ. It stands out as one of his most intimate musical moments.

“The Journey” nods to his favorite “Viking metal” with its raw musical prowess. The EP peaks with festival favorite “Falling Away” featuring Canada’s Lights and then completes with “Leaving Earth,” a downtempo swell with elegant electronics and resounding strings.

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