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October 16, 2020


“At just 17, this Amy Winehouse-esq artist is starting to gain tons of traction with her powerful vocal ability and mature songwriting…Lomis is bound to become something really special.” – Ones To Watch

“She is definitely One To Watch.”– Idolator

Lindsey Lomis may be quickly rising, but her new single shares a necessary reminder to take a breather. On “Slow Motion,” out today, the 17-year-old Nashville singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist offers up old-soul wisdom in the form of a slow-burning anthem featuring Pop/R&B superstar JoJo. The song will appear on Lomis’ Altadena/Warner Records debut EP, In the Madness, arriving October 23rd and is accompanied by a dreamy video—a low-key fantasy in which Lomis manages to turn back time. Listen to “Slow Motion” here and watch the video here.


“Slow Motion,” co-written with frequent collaborator Ryan Daly, issues a call to listen to your heart, take a breath, and pause. Over a mellow loop, heartbeat-like percussion ticks away the minutes while Lomis gives guidance in her sweet, smoky sigh: “Count up all your problems and just make them wait.” Those sentiments get a cosign from JoJo, who adds her own spin: “We’ll keep talking until midnight, watch the sunrise—all that matters is that we’re alive.” 


Slow Motion” feels like an essential self-care anthem delivered by the BFF you wish you had. Sure enough, the track is dedicated to Lomis’ own bestie. “It’s about slowing it down, caring less about what people think of you, and simply living your life,” says Lomis. “This is something I struggle with a lot. I feel the need to please people over myself—I think we all do. I wrote this song after I got off the phone with my best friend. ‘Slow Motion’ is exactly what I would tell her when she’s stressed, and I think it’s a message that everyone needs to hear.”


About working with Lindsey, JoJo said “Nothing excites me more than amazing new talent. I knew she was special and I wanted to sing with her. She is the truth, so much soul and depth. I couldn’t believe she was so young when I heard THAT VOICE.  Can’t wait for you all to hear this gorgeous song of hers, ‘Slow Motion’ featuring ME! Love the meaning behind it. We could all use a reminder to slow things down.”


“Slow Motion” arrives on the heels of the powerful singles “Feel” and “Bones,” which were released over the summer and received wide acclaim from American Songwriter, Ones To Watch and Idolator.  All three tracks are featured on In the Madness along with three new songs.  At just 17, Lomis has already made it clear she’s a force to be reckoned with. In 2018, Brandi Carlile hand-picked Lomis to join her onstage after being wowed by the teen’s stunning cover of “That Wasn’t Me,” and tastemakers like Ones to Watch have compared Lomis’ emotive songwriting to that of Amy Winehouse. She’s garnered a huge array of impressive fans so far including Meghan Trainor and Alessia Cara and her performance videos on Instagram boast likes from Ryan Tedder, Lennon Stella, AJ Mitchell, Shawn Mendes, Allen Stone, Cautious Clay, Jacob Collier, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. At a time when most of us are struggling to find our footing in a chaotic world, this young powerhouse from Music City is writing anthems that help us make sense of it all.


In The Madness EP Tracklisting:

Magic in the Madness


Slow Motion featuring JoJo


Into You

Do You See Me?