Red Light Management


July 30, 2021


Punctual have collaborated with Aluna on new single “Summer of Love.” Listen below.

Aluna, who co-wrote the song with Punctual, said in a press release:

In the summer of 2020 we wanted to feel like we were gonna change everything…. We also felt crushed at the same time and the first thing we needed was love from the person closest to us or just from ourselves to keep going…. The summer of love. 2021 has this feeling of a darkness lifting and I just wanted to capture that.

“Summer of Love” is the first in a series of collab singles dropping for Punctual this Summer, the duo have been working hard as writer/producers with projects incl Raye, Jason Derulo, EYK, Ava Max whilst continuing to finish records for their artist project.

Aluna released her debut solo album Renaissance last year. She also said in the press release, “This past year has been a huge healing process, and this next chapter of my life feels really energized and the new music that I’m putting out is going to reflect that. There’s still a ton of music that needs to be done in regards to moving the needle for Black women in dance music. And these are the anthems that will be keeping me going.”