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Alfie Templeman

Artist Bio

Alfie Templeman was born in a household blessed with musical talent – his sister is a pianist and plays trumpet, his dad is a zealous collector of guitars with more than twenty instruments scattered around at home – and it was inevitable that the curious young Alfie would ask for drum lessons aged just seven years old, having taken to rock and indie music avidly. Inspired by the rolling countryside around Carlton, the skies that passed across his window at night, and the flowers that would bloom in spring on the village green, Templeman began recording snippets of guitar, bass and drums – but never vocals – which would become his first ever formative demos. It wasn’t long before he’d taught himself to use more advanced studio software and in 2016, aged just 13 years-old, he decided to throw himself into bringing to life fully formed tracks – before and after his school classes and shifts helping out on building sites (“I kept having coughing fits the whole time. Never again,” he adds).

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Tour Dates

Aug 28 2019
London, United Kingdom
Sep 05 2019
The Lexington
London, United Kingdom
Nov 02 2019
Various Venues - London
London, United Kingdom
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May 23 2020
Victoria Park, Warrington
Warrington, United Kingdom