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A ‘Crisis of Faith’ is what the last few years have felt like while making this record. It was made while the world was facing some of the toughest obstacles we’ve ever had to endure. It’s filled with snap shots of what it means to be human and the struggles we all face both individually and collectively as people. This record was written from the heart.

From the time we set out to write and record this album to now, the journey has been transformative. We welcomed new life within our camp, lost loved ones closest to us, and navigated our way through the ups and downs of a pandemic that is still ongoing. The past few years have seen us question a lot of the things we’ve been taught to believe in: our systems, our governments, our leaders, and even ourselves. We bore witness to the power of the people, worldwide protests for equality and justice, a toxic divisiveness that has grown like a cancer around the world, and a climate crisis which has reached unprecedented new urgencies. Throughout this we’ve also had our own individual struggles but the underlying message here is one of hope. Knowing that you’re not alone and that, through all of our differences, we all want the same things: love, understanding and compassion.

We find it hard to believe that it’s been so long since our last record, but much like everything nowadays, we had to figure it all out on the fly. There were many starts and stops while recording, and at times it felt like everything around us had spiraled beyond our control. However, the end result is an album we are beyond proud of and can’t wait to put out into the world. Again, these are some of the most turbulent times we’ve ever had to face, and this record embodies both the light and dark sides of those feelings. The frustration, the anger, the fear, the instability, and the uncertainty had all found their way into the heart of this record. At the same time, the underlying thread that connects each song is one of hope and resilience. The realization that we need to learn from our differences, and to be more openminded and empathic towards each other and towards our earth. As the world tries to divide us, we know that compassion and kindness will prevail. We know that health, friends, family and community are now, more than ever, the most important things that we have.

You’ll hear a diverse range of sounds on this album, and lyrics that capture every emotion that we were feeling throughout the writing and recording process. This diversity represents a culmination of who we are, what we’ve gone through, and where we’re at as a band. We feel both incredibly fortunate and grateful to everyone that has followed us on our journey and to all the new people we may meet along the way. Regardless of whether you’re new to the band or have been with us from the beginning, we want to say “welcome and thank you” and we hope you enjoy this latest chapter in the Billy Talent book.

Remember that no matter how dark it may get at times, we must find the light. Though it is difficult to see it at times, it’s there and it’s the only way out. Take care of yourselves and we can’t wait to see all of you soon.

-Ben, Ian, Jonny & Aaron

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Tour Dates

May 24 2023
Belfast, United Kingdom
May 25 2023
The Academy, Middle Abbey Street
Dublin, Ireland
May 27 2023
Hatfield Park
Hatfield, United Kingdom
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May 28 2023
Temple Newsam
Leeds, United Kingdom
May 31 2023
Élysée Montmartre
Paris, France
Jun 02 2023
Slamdunk France
Lyon, France
Jun 03 2023
Slamdunk Italy
Verucchio, Italy
Jun 05 2023
Kino Šiška
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Jun 06 2023
Refinery Gallery
Bratislava Ii, Slovakia
Jun 07 2023
Budapest Park
Budapest, Hungary
Jun 09 2023
Rock For People 2023
Hradec, Czechia
Jun 10 2023
Warsaw, Poland
Jun 12 2023
Palladium Riga
Rīga, Latvia
Jun 14 2023
Music Club B17
Poznań, Poland
Jun 16 2023
Hurricane Festival 2023
Schnee, Germany
Jun 17 2023
Southside Festival 2023
Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany
Jun 18 2023
Graspop Metal Meeting 2023
Dessel, Belgium
Jun 22 2023
Jera On Air Festival 2023
Ysselsteyn, Netherlands
Jun 24 2023
Summerside Festival
Grenchen, Switzerland
Jul 15 2023
Rock the Park
London, Canada



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