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Multi-platinum trio Echosmith’s choice to self-title their third album is a declaration of sorts. It represents Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota’s fresh perspective and newly liberated approach as they lean into a sonic shift and bare-it-all songwriting that came from the kind of questions and anxieties that we all can feel at times when taking stock of our lives and thinking about what’s next.

As seasoned musicians with a decade of discography, they’ve achieved over 1 billion streams, international success, a ubiquitous hit song with “Cool Kids,” widespread critical acclaim, and performed countless sold out shows. After starting their careers so young and absorbing the influences and pressures of the industry for more than 10 years, the band began to tap into their innermost artistic vision and ask themselves what kind of music they truly wanted to make. By leaning deeply into the inherent risk of challenging expectations that were set for them and boldly engaging the profound uncertainty of undergoing a self-imposed artistic evolution, they took full creative control of their career with a newfound freedom and independence. Beginning with songwriting and producing solo (a first for the band), they found a form of therapy and a sense of enjoyment as they saw what organically transpired. The result is a left-of-center pop kaleidoscope of cinematic alternative soundscapes, breezy pop hooks, resonant stories, and crystalline synths that embody the original indie spirit of the band.

Their new self-titled album is shaped and inspired by experiences such as those found on “Sour”, which describes the challenges that Sydney found within her long-distance marriage; the track features her silky vocals and a grandiose synth wave-inspired production by Noah. Other previously released songs “Gelato,” “Hang Around,” and “Hindsight,” reveal who Echosmith really is at their core as young adults and as a family, exploring their marriages, doubts and anxieties, their protective sibling dynamic, their spiritual journey, and their evolving perspective on life after a phase of tremendous personal growth on their own separate journeys.

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Tour Dates

Jun 08 2024
Indonesia Arena
Kota Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Jan 26 2025
Rock Boat 2025
Miami, FL