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Edie Bens


“Growing up on a farm in Wales with a pet owl and the world’s largest dog (Guinness Book of Records official), Edie wasn’t raised within a musical family – but she found solace in lyricism from a young age. Finding inspiration from the artists her Dad used to play in the car, from Dolly Parton to Bruce Springsteen, she began writing her own songs when she was just 10 years old. By the time she was 13, Edie was desperate to start performing, so she decided to make frequent visits to the local Working Mens Club – accompanied by her Dad – as it was just about the only open mic night available to her in Wales at the time. Despite the room being filled with indie-Oasis-boy-band-loving men, Edie bowled over the crowds with her captivating, intricate vocals and hasn’t looked back since. “I didn’t get a chance to play in a band or anything like that because it was exclusively a boys’ thing. But I loved playing so much I didn’t care what anyone thought; I was just in my own world,” says Edie.

Inspired by artists including Maggie Rogers and Holly Humberstone, Edie has spent the last year collaborating with the likes of Flyte and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and touring across the UK including support slots with Howl & The Hum, COIN and Felice Brothers as well as her own headline performances at The Great Escape.

Moving to Brighton at 18 to hone her sound and storytelling further, Edie found a team of studio collaborators that felt like a family, before moving to London just last year. Although it seemed like stumbling into a series of unfortunate events, in her first week of London living she was hit by a moped on a zebra crossing, immediately getting up and laughing about it, but eventually succumbing to crutches for three months. But one to always find the silver lining to any situation, she didn’t let the accident stop her from performing and she toured the country with plastercast and crutches playing to ever-growing audiences, undeterred. Driven by her creative prowess and most importantly, her love of lyrics, Edie Bens is en route to release her most compelling and radiant work yet.”

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