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Sometimes the way forward is going back. For Everette, this means a return to their roots and remembering the days when Brent and Anthony first started making noise 16 years ago in the college bars and honky tonks of Bowling Green, KY.

Over the past few years, they’ve been busy racing from one stage to another via planes, trains, vans, and tour buses…rolling through all four corners of the US, singing through jet lag touring Europe, and playing the Grand Ole Opry 11 times.

A mighty majority of Everette’s records have proudly showcased a swampy, electrified full band sound, but on-stage Brent and Anthony have often found a more automatic connection when they peel it down to two guitars and the truth.

“There’s something intoxicating about simplicity,” Anthony Olympia says. “You expose your full self when you have less noise to cover up the space in between notes. You find the magic in the mistakes.”

“We’ve toured a lot with just me and Anthony on our acoustic guitars,” says Brent Rupard. “We love plugging up electric guitars and playing full band, but there is something about the freedom that comes along with just us two jamming together. It brings a raw human element to the performance that we can feel our crowd respond to.”

Since Everette and their fans seem to connect so deeply to that stripped back organic sound, and it comes so naturally for the duo, Brent and Anthony felt it would be unforgivable not to record new music with that in mind.

Everette ended 2023 in the studio homing in on their Kentucky roots, and plunged head first into a muscularly unplugged sound.

Chock full of traditional leaning melodies and grassy resonator licks while also keeping the rowdy rock and roll energy that Everette has always provided their audience, “High And Lonesome” is their first single kicking off this new journey, and you don’t wanna miss what’s coming next. Stay tuned.

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Tour Dates

May 25 2024
Bullitt County Music Fest
Shepherdsville, KY
Jul 20 2024
The Stage @ Jones von Drehle
Thurmond, NC