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Grey Zeigler


Rising pop star, Grey Zeigler caught fire after releasing her viral hit song, “Sensitive Subject” in February 2022. Growing up in Norwalk, CT, Grey has amassed more than 7 million streams and continues to entertain the world with her authentically raw videos on TikTok. Capturing the attention from Spotify and Tidal, Grey secured the cover of Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and Tidal’s, “Viral Hits” editorial playlists. With over 3.3 million likes and 275k followers, Grey has created a place where her authenticity shines through and teasing new songs after writes is expected. Grey saw an opportunity and took it. After posting 197 videos and only getting a few hundred views, one video took off and got 3 million views overnight. Since then, Grey signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell and supported GAYLE on her opening night in Nashville, where she signed with UTA. 
Creating her own sound with rap and r&b influences, Grey puts her own unique spin on pop music writing from her own real life experiences.
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