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Magic means something different to everyone. For some, it simply describes the unexplainable. For others, it’s a reminder of life’s potential to surprise us at every turn. For history-making magician Mat Franco, it’s uncharted territory meant to be explored with respect and reverence. The Rhode Island-born and Las Vegas-based phenomenon has rooted his world-renowned Las Vegas show, MAT FRANCO – MAGIC REINVENTED NIGHTLY, in a spirit of exploration. No two evenings are the same, and it’s why he’s regularly earned “Best of Las Vegas Awards” from the likes of Las Vegas Review-Journal and more. It’s why he’s regularly sought after by network television, making appearances on NBC and ABC programs.

It’s also why he’s ushered magic itself into a new light altogether.

“Magic is a cumulative artform, so I embrace a beginner’s mindset every day,” he states. “I’m deep into the psychological aspects of it—how it works, why it works, and how makes people feel. To me, it’s an ongoing and joyous exploration. There’s always more to uncover. There’s always more to learn. There are always more stones to overturn.”

Hailing from Johnston, RI, Mat grew up as the youngest of three brothers in an Italian-American family. He first witnessed magic on television and fell in love with it, learning by constantly watching. Soon, he found himself running through beginner tricks for his classmates during “Show and Tell” at school. His grandmother would be his most attentive audience though as he often practiced tricks for hours on end in front of her. In sixth grade, a teacher hired him for her child’s birthday, and he went on to perform countless local shows. Attending University of Rhode Island, he studied marketing and business to support the magic in addition to gigs at libraries, offices, restaurants, and colleges across the country. He spent four years in the college circuit before deciding to audition for America’s Got Talent in order “to get video content in order to land more gigs.”

However, he made history as “the first magician to emerge in the winner’s circle of America’s Got Talent” in 2014.

A year later, he produced and starred in the popular NBC special, Mat Franco’s Got Magic. Meanwhile, Las Vegas came calling. MAT FRANCO — MAGIC REINVENTED NIGHTLY was born at The LINQ Hotel + Experience inside of the Mat Franco Theater in 2015. Performing to 600 people for 90 minutes per gig, the show morphs and transforms in real-time as a living and breathing experience. You’ll experience world-famous signature tricks, yet he leaves enough room for improvisation and surprises, making each night singular and special. Logging thousands of shows, he stretches the boundaries of what magic can be and leaves guests in a state of wonder.

He essentially runs the evening with the cadence and fluidity of a jazz guitarist mid-solo intimately attuned to the audience and the room, yet bound to nothing.

“If you picture a musician in the zone, that’s how I feel on stage,” he notes. “I’m trying to reinvent magic in a way you haven’t seen before. The finale is different every night based on what happens throughout the show—which is rare since we have full production. The reinvented aspects include the interactivity and improv with the audience. Plus, the stage is constructed to feel like you’re watching a friend. The audience members are like my boss, but I really enjoy feeding off their energy. Magic is the art of engagement. 100% of what I do is affected by their vibe and excitement level. I want to find ways to move them and gift an experience that’s exciting and dazzling. We are a team.”

It’s no surprise Las Vegas Review-Journal honored MAT FRANCO – MAGIC REINVENTED NIGHTLY with “Gold Winner for Best Magic Show,” “Gold Winner for Best Production Show,” and “Best Showroom / Live Venue.” Not to mention, it stands out as a 4x-time winner of “Best Headliner” from SNHCA (Southern Nevada Hotel & Concierge Association). KNPR’s Desert Companion Magazine christened it “Best Strip Show.” As a pillar of the greater community, Clark County declared July 10, 2017 to be “Mat Franco Day” on the Las Vegas Strip and across the County, while he received the coveted “Key To The Strip.” Outside of Las Vegas, millions have watched in awe as Mat reinvented magic on TODAY, Steve Harvey, Live with Kelly and Ryan, on the final season of ELLEN, and at the NFL Draft in addition to returning to America’s Got Talent over the years. Scan YouTube, and you’ll find him wowing the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Heidi Klum, Rob Gronkowski, Nicole Scherzinger, Howie Mandel, and more in clips viewed millions of times.

At the same time, he gives back at any chance possible. With a cat and four dogs at home, he remains passionate about animals and has supported Nevada’s The Animal Foundation by hosting crucial supply drives and raising funds on an annual basis. He notably donated $20,000 in winnings from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to the NSPCA. Indicative of his commitment to philanthropy, he immediately took to Facebook at the start of the Global Pandemic to continue performing for fans as “one of the first entertainers to livestream shows.” He honored first responders and essential workers with a dedicated show upon the reopening of Las Vegas.

In 2023, he became a dad, heightening the meaning of his artistry all-around.

“When I look out in the audience and see a family with their kids, it changes how I feel because I see the show from a new perspective,” he observes. “It adds another dimension.”

Ultimately, Mat never stops exploring, and it’s why his magic will last forever.

“At the end of the day, I’ll always love magic and want to share it with people,” he leaves off. “If I was a teacher, firefighter, or in any other field, I’d still be a magician. Ever since I was a kid, it’s all I ever wanted to do. I still feel the same way today.” — Rick Florino, June 2023

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