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Artist Bio

Mersiv, born Anderson Benoit Gallegos, has been a formidable force in electronic music since 2015, introducing audiences to his distinctive “Pretty Dark Loud” sound. His project is dedicated to offering listeners immersive auditory experiences that blend deep emotion with dynamic energy, inviting them into the present moment.

From early lessons on the piano and guitar, influenced by bands like Seether and Tool, Gallegos found electronic music as a crucial expressive outlet, especially following his mother’s passing in 2012. This pivotal moment deepened his engagement with DJing and production, cultivating a sound that provides both therapeutic escape and vibrant celebration.

With the debut of his album Pretty Dark Loud through MorFlo Records, Mersiv staked his claim in the Freeform Electronic genre. The album’s 20 tracks showcase his ability to meld emotional depth with a diverse array of sounds, from hip-hop to pop and bass, reflecting his personal journey and creative evolution.

2023 saw the release of Out of Bounds, a further exploration of musical boundaries, blending various genres and featuring collaborations with artists like Wreckno and PROBCAUSE. The album underscores Mersiv’s growing artistry and ambition.

The Out of Bounds tour electrified audiences across North America, building anticipation for his return to iconic venues like Red Rocks. In 2024, Mersiv continues to expand his presence with major festival appearances and innovative projects like the Audiosphere at The Caverns, enhancing fan experiences and solidifying his position in the music scene.

As the head of MorFlo Records, Mersiv supports artists resonating with the essence of flow, fostering a community where creativity flourishes. His commitment to using sound as a vehicle for healing and connection remains central to his work, pushing bass music’s boundaries and promising more groundbreaking contributions to the electronic music landscape.

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