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Zach Littleton and Johny Lovan have been aware of each other’s existence since third grade in Bowling Green, Ky. — after all, Littleton “dated” Lovan’s sister in that era “mostly because we were both big redheads and everyone said we should,” he recalls. It took many years for them to start making music together, and even longer for them to realize they worked best as a duo, but since 2016, Sugadaisy has quietly built a substantial fanbase by simply being its weird, wonderful selves.


Indeed, Sugadaisy is no ordinary band, largely because Littleton and Lovan are no ordinary musicians. One of their songs (“Space Cadet”) has nearly two million listens on Spotify simply thanks to word of mouth and some love from high-trafficking YouTube creators. They’ve performed live in shirts and ties and with their heads covered in pantyhose. With tongue more often than not firmly in cheek, they’ve largely released tunes rooted in guitar-based folk and singer/songwriter fare, but they also have punk, hip-hop, Spanish, and math rock songs itching to emerge.

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Tour Dates

Apr 26 2024
The State Theatre
State College, PA
May 19 2024
Buffalo Iron Works
Buffalo, NY
May 23 2024
Levon Helm Studios
Woodstock, NY
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May 24 2024
Levon Helm Studios
Woodstock, NY