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Tendai Humphrey Sitima

Artist Bio

Tendai Humphrey Sitima is a RADA-trained actor, jazz and soul singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist.

On London’s West End, Tendai is currently starring in The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre and has previously played George Wilson in the Immersive Great Gatsby, for which he also composed and produced the original score alongside Glen Andrew Brown.

Tendai is a professional singer and accomplished multi-instrumentalist. As an arranger, he contributed to the BAFTA-nominated score for PlayStation’s ‘Sackboy: A Big Adventure’ and is currently working on a number of new theatrical and musical projects.

Alongside Glen Andrew Brown, Tendai is also a member of neo-soul duo Tendai + Glen. Tendai + Glen are a London-based duo featuring Zimbabwean-born singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Tendai Humphrey Sitima and British-born, BAFTA Award-winning composer/producer Glen Andrew Brown.

Proudly wearing their influences in Jazz, Soul, Pop, and R&B, Tendai + Glen create an exciting new sound tied together with slick production. Blending deep grooves, jazz harmony, stacked vocals, poetic lyrics, and soaring melodies, this creative duo has stumbled on a sound that captures the feeling of growing up proudly in the modern era. Tendai + Glen’s music feels honest, intimate, and personal yet draws on universal themes of love, identity, struggle, self-belief, and growth.

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