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Zen Selekta


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Nicole Gracia Barton, better known as Zen Selekta, crafts music that masterfully merges haunting, profound, and shadowy elements with ethereal melodies and global influences. Her creative flame is kindled by the diverse tapestry of life itself – be it through her rich Spanish heritage, books, film, spiritual practices such as meditation, exploration in nature, and engaging dialogues with those she meets along her path. She finds magic in the wonders of our diverse world and the cultures that intertwine within it, weaving these influence into her music.

Nicole’s musical odyssey transcends the realm of rhythm to touch on a broader mission. Under the moniker Zen Selekta, her ultimate goal is to create experiences that enrich lives, bringing joy, healing, and solace to many through her music.

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Tour Dates

Jul 18 2024
Secret Dreams Music & Arts Festival
Thornville, OH
Jul 18 2024
Bass Ribbon Pines Music Festival
East Bethel, MN
Jul 23 2024
Big Dub Music Festival
Artemas, PA
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Jul 26 2024
Shambhala Music Festival
Salmo, Canada
Aug 03 2024
Zen Selekta at Meow Wolf
Santa Fe, NM
Aug 09 2024
Mersiv at The Caverns
Pelham, TN
Aug 24 2024
Subtronics at Blackbox Theater
Charlotte, NC
Sep 14 2024
Zen Selekta at Terminal West
Atlanta, GA
Sep 25 2024
Mulberry Mountain Lodging & Events
Ozark, AR
Sep 28 2024
Wakaan Music Festival 2024
Ozark, AR
Oct 06 2024
Big Fam Music & Arts Festival
Brooklyn, MI
Oct 18 2024
Subtronics at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
San Francisco, CA
Oct 27 2024
Freaky Deaky Festival
Austin, TX
Nov 15 2024
Zen Selekta at Meow Wolf Night 1
Denver, CO
Nov 16 2024
Zen Selekta at Meow Wolf Night 2
Denver, CO
Nov 17 2024
Cyclops Dome 2
Tacoma, WA
Nov 29 2024
Apocalypse Music Festival
Long Beach, CA
Dec 08 2024
Cyclops Cove 3
Boca Raton, FL