Red Light Management


July 23, 2019

chloe mk is the “internet-pop” alias of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Chloe Kohanski. The Nashville native jumpstarted her vocal career playing classic rock in clubs and bars before claiming victory on stage The Voice. Since signing with Republic Records in 2017, Chloe has experimented with her evolving sonic style. Her new refreshed internet persona is reminiscent of Lady Gaga meets AI star, Lil Miquela.

On July 19th, Kohanski released her latest repertoire, Fantasy— an emotion soaked EP laced with pop tendencies. Flaunting an impressive vocal range in “To Be Young,” adds depth to lyrics which illustrate the trials of youth. Meanwhile, “Ride” layers hypnotic instrumentals with infectious synths. The EP commences with an emotive, yet defiant stance towards struggles of youthhood, but Chloe finds her resolution in “I Feel Good.”

Capturing the complexity of her journey in self-discovery, chloe mk is a voice for the optimistic, the honest, the introspective:

“Every listener can find their personal truth in this song…in all of these songs.” Chloe adds, “Each track is laced with a euphoric, hyper-real sensation of what it means to be young. And what it means to be alive today.”