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April 10, 2020

Vinyl Me, Please’s ‘VMP Anthology: The Story of Herbie Hancock’

Coming Summer 2020

Denver, CO — April 10, 2020 — Vinyl Me, Please and legendary jazz pianist Herbie Hancock today announce VMP Anthology: The Story of Herbie Hancock an exclusive vinyl box set celebrating the illustrious career of Herbie Hancock. The Story of Herbie Hancock reinvents the box set experience to take listeners on a sequential journey told across eight albums chosen by Herbie and paired with an exclusive podcast interview series in celebration of Herbie’s 80th birthday, on April 12, 2020.

“It brings back fond memories, looking at my discography,” says Herbie Hancock. “I think about the people I learned from and had the opportunity to work with. I think about the support we got from the crowds who came to our concerts to hear a live version of the music they had heard on records. I’m also aware of where I was in my personal development outside of music, which plays an integral part in my musical choices and development. I’m blown away by the heart and courage displayed by the musicians I had the opportunity to play with on these albums. I’m humbled by what they displayed on my albums.”

Produced by Cameron Schaefer of VMP and veteran music supervisor Karyn Rachtman, VMP Anthology: The Story of Herbie Hancock is made up of a two-piece box set designed by Clay Conder, with liner notes from the award-winning author and music curator Marcus J. Moore. The eight albums come on 180gram audiophile black vinyl with audio sourced from the original analog tapes from the vaults of Universal Music Enterprises and Sony Legacy. Hancock adds, “I believe these albums present a broad view of my perspectives and outline a general framework of what my musical life was all about.”

All albums will be housed in heavy-weight, tip-on style jackets that are matched as closely to the original art as possible. For those interested in the complete four-week VMP Anthology experience, Vinyl Me, Please and Herbie encourage that listeners open two albums in sequential order each week and pair their listening with the corresponding exclusive podcast interview.

“Exploring music together is at the heart of Vinyl Me, Please and to get to do so alongside a legend and genuinely good human like Herbie Hancock is an honor,” says Cameron Schaefer, Chief Brand Officer at Vinyl Me, Please. “We feel confident that music fans will find immense value in going on this journey through his remarkable career.”

VMP Anthology: The Story of Herbie Hancock is the sixth VMP Anthology release and will be available for sale this summer. The VMP Anthology is a reinvented, immersive box set experience for music fans willing to journey beyond the liner notes. Each Anthology features expert storytelling, exclusive liner notes, and a collectors-edition vinyl box set. Prior to The Story of Herbie Hancock, Vinyl Me, Please released five other VMP Anthologies, including: The Story of Blue Note Records, The Women of Motown, The Story of Ghostly International, The Story of Stax Records, and The Story of Zamrock.

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Photo: by Douglas Kirkland