Red Light Management


September 13, 2018

Last spring, Gina Tricot rocked the fashion world with the release of its collection with L.A.-based
designer Anine Bing. Now, the fashion chain continues its journey of success with the launch of a
new, exciting design collaboration. This fall, it’s time to take the spotlight on the party stage. With
a focus on disco, glitter and girl power, Gina Tricot proudly presents its new design collaboration
with the world famous, sizzling-hot electropop duo, Icona Pop.

Gina Tricot goes all-in on yet another exciting design collaboration with the launch of its mega-power partycollection, ICONA POP X GINA TRICOT, in October. Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt teamed up as Icona Pop in 2009, representing a new generation of mega-hot female Scandinavian pop artists. Their monster hit, “I love it” paved the way for a fantastic career start and they’ve dazzled us on stage while touring with world-famous artists like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. They’re a sizzling hot, spot-on-trend, girl boss duo. Icona Pop covers the full range, from peppy pop favourites to dance along party anthems, they’ve got it all. They also command the stage as role models for feminism and women’s rights. It puts them perfectly in tune with the Gina Tricot
brand, too.

“We’re incredibly proud of our new design collaboration with Icona Pop! It’s an exciting collection with electric party vibes and cool power looks. We look for design collaboration with like-minded female role models who represent everything that Gina Tricot stands for. Caroline and Aina are extremely talented, world-famous artists who share all our values about female empowering. We love their energy and commanding self-confidence on stage. They also have a cool, relaxed style that is perfectly in sync with our brand. Gina Tricot and Icona Pop…it’s a perfect match!” says Anna Appelqvist, Brand Director Gina Tricot.

Disco, glitter, pop, power and rock’n’roll – inspiration for the collection comes directly from Icona Pop’s sizzling music career, where the stage is their own catwalk. From business day to girls’ night out – the collection features more than thirty mega-power party pieces and classics with a cool twist. We’ve also carefully selected beautiful, luxurious fabrics that we know our customers will love. It’s simply packed with must-have favourites. “The collaboration with Gina Tricot has been like a dream come true. We’ve been involved every step of the way, creating pieces that we felt were missing in our own wardrobes. The entire creative process of developing a power collection has been a hugely fun and inspiring journey. It’s also been an incredible learning experience. We discovered things about fabrics and design, that we had no past knowledge of. Fascinating stuff! We got to test so many new ideas and we’re really happy with the results. We’re super proud of the items in the
collection. We love them all! It’s going to be really exciting to see how Gina’s customers select and style them. The entire collection has a vibrant party pulse, which is exactly what you need to boost energy on dark fall days,” says Caroline and Aino from Icona Pop.

The studio-shot campaign carries the same theme as the collection, bursting with party fever, sparkling disco, 80s vibes, pop and girl power. Icona Pop superstars, Caroline and Aino take centre stage in the campaign video, singing and dancing to the beat of their new hit, “Rhythm in my blood”.

Photographer: Sharif Hamza,

D.O.P: Tim Lorentzén and Director: Indra Herö Wide.

The ICONA POP X GINA TRICOT power collection will be available in selected stores and online at as of 25 October 2018.