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LANCO’s New Music Video for ‘Low Class Lovers’ Takes ‘Feeling Out of Place’ to a New Level — Watch!

June 10, 2022

LANCO’s New Music Video for ‘Low Class Lovers’ Takes ‘Feeling Out of Place’ to a New Level — Watch!
“Everyone kind of hides behind a persona or hides behind a ‘mask,’ ” says member Brandon Lancaster of the video’s concept


LANCO is showing there’s no need to hide behind a mask!

On Friday, PEOPLE is exclusively premiering the music video for the country music band’s new single “Loss Class Lovers.” The video takes an unconventional approach to celebrating individuality with a concept lead singer Brandon Lancaster came up with.

“The heart of the song ‘Low Class Lovers’ is just about feeling out of place, but then understanding that the thing that sometimes makes you feel out of place is what makes you special, sets you apart, and that you should be proud of,” he tells PEOPLE. “For the video, when we were writing the concept, we started throwing around the ideas that everyone can feel out of place at nice restaurant, or you feel like you don’t belong, and you may not be the only person that is feeling that way.”

He continued, “Everyone kind of hides behind a persona or hides behind a ‘mask,’ and then we thought it would be cool to take that to a literal sense with the video where all these people are at a party hiding behind these masks and this couple tries to do the same, but their masks are not as cool and way more awkward than everyone else’s.”

In the video, directed by Lancaster and his brother Devon Lancaster, a couple shows up to a party filled with people wearing masks. Meanwhile, the couple is instead wearing an elephant trunk over their noses and matching elephant ears — an idea that played with the phrase “elephant in the room.”

“At a point in the night, the couple realizes they can be confident and have fun, and when other people see that, they also drop the fake persona or that identity that sometimes may be put on to feel like you belong – you don’t need it,” he says. “And when you take it off, you’re proud and you have more fun. It was an exciting video to shoot, really cool, a lot of symbolism in it and it was a lot of fun to make.”

The video was shot entirely in one day in Nashville.

“Low Class Lovers” is the lead single from LANCO’s new project, set for release later this year. The band is also scheduled to perform at the CMA Fest this week.

In 2021, Lancaster spoke to PEOPLE about adjusting to life with Elora Ivelle, his now 20-month-old daughter with wife Tiffany.

“Man, it’s such a wild ride. It’s been good just having this time at home and learning how to be parents together,” he said. “A big thing couples talk about is the sleepless nights, but we’ve been able to do different shifts where I can help throughout the night and she can do early mornings.”

Lancaster also said that despite the constant stress, being parents of a newborn made their marriage stronger.

“Marriage ultimately is a team game and you really need both people,” he explained. “There’s nothing that makes your team stronger than when you have to both be teammates and communicate. Once there’s a kid it’s like, okay, we have to communicate, we have to be open, we have to talk, we have to help each other through this.”

“That’s ultimately the heart of marriage, and I don’t know how you can raise a kid without that,” he added.