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Larkin Poe Release Their Album Peach

October 11, 2017


Nashville, TN—–September 2017—–Georgia sisters Rebecca & Megan Lovell of Larkin Poe are carrying on the American Roots Tradition with their innovative blend of Blues, Americana, Rock, and beats in their latest album Peach, released on September 29.

Sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell are no strangers to attention. For example, at the MusiCares 2017 “Person of The Year” event honoring Tom Petty, they were asked by T-Bone Burnett to be part of the backing band for the event and performed with such musical luminaries as: Jakob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Elle King, Gary Clarke Jr., Don Henley, Randy Newman and Lucinda Williams. Larkin Poe were invited to perform LIVE on CONAN and completely won over an unsuspecting audience and the host. They’ve opened for Elvis Costello and Bob Seger and have performed at England’s Glastonbury festival twice and named “Best Discovery of Glastonbury,” by the Observer. Their list of accolades goes on.

The sisters take these milestones in stride and simply want as many people as possible to hear their music. With clear sibling synergy, Rebecca and Megan are cordial and ego-free. They have no desire to be branded role models for their gender. They want to be respected as musicians. Period. Their past history and recognition demonstrates clear respect from their peers and the critics. The new album Peach, is a musical statement that says: Larkin Poe is a force to be reckoned with.

Originating in Atlanta and relocating to Nashville, lead singer/guitarist Rebecca states:

“We have a very colorful family history,” referencing the sisters’ familial connection to tortured artist and creative genius Edgar Allan Poe: “There have been a lot of creative, hotheaded, mentally unstable branches in our family tree. Growing up in the midst of their crazy stories has definitely shaded our perception of normal. As artists, I think some of those eccentricities, passed down from generation to generation, have been even further exaggerated in us!” Megan, who contributes lapsteel to the lineup, chimes in: “As sisters, we wanted to pick a band name that had familial significance, so we decided pay tribute to our ancestors by taking on the name of our great-great-great-grandfather, Larkin Poe.”

The sisters’ southern identity was picked up and echoed by Huffington Post in a recent tagline: “These Gals like their Gritty Southern Heritage with a Cosmopolitan Twist.” The covers they perform demonstrate reverence for the originals but with their own imprint demonstrating ownership of the revised material with a gracious nod to the past. Crank up their version of “Black Betty,” to see what we mean and see how this known cover stacks up against their originals such as “Look Away” and “Pink & Red.”

Prattling on about the greatness of Peach seems to be a waste of time. A music fan doesn’t need hype, they need headphones to let the music truly speaks for itself. We suggest you get to it!