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October 5, 2018

NASHVILLE, TN (October 5, 2018) – Singer/songwriter LAUREN JENKINS offers a simple plea in her new single “Give Up The Ghost,” out now on Big Machine Records: Sultry vocals and driving melody on display, she commands unfiltered lyrics that declare, “I know I could make you happy / Baby, if you’d only let me / But two of us is one too many / Open the door and set her free / Give up the ghost, hold onto me.” Co-written alongside Emily Shackelton, co-produced with Julian Raymond and executive produced by Scott Borchetta, the song focuses on the shadow of a former flame that lingers in the background and causes disruption in the next relationship.

Watch “Give Up The Ghost”:

Jenkins conceptualized the evocative video from a crazy idea before diving in all on her own. She explains, “Sometimes, I’ve found that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission, so I decided I would create my own music video on my own dime – the way I wanted. I had a vision and I contacted a filmmaker friend of mine from middle school, Cole Smith, to see if he would be down to make this with me. It was a gamble and involved some risk and creative thinking. I don’t think he hesitated for even a second.”

The video was shot in a deserted and dilapidated building in North Carolina, Jenkins muses  “I’ve always loved exploring and discovering abandoned places. There’s a thrill in not knowing what you might uncover, and imagining the stories of people that were there before you. These places seem to hold secrets or memories that feel haunting. So in that sense, our location became a character – naturally decaying and broken, contrasting signs of life as the foliage and light coming through walls and broken windows seemed to grow. In those moments where the light shines through, it captures the sense of ‘maybe there’s hope’ that’s also in the lyrics.”

Honing her craft since the age of 15, Jenkins has mesmerized crowds with her passion and authentic songwriting that blend her traditional Country roots with Americana influences. The Texas born, Carolina raised musician has picked up a variety of inspirations throughout her travels, from the southern charm of Charleston and artistic vibe of New York City to the eclectic sounds of Music City. Her first EP, The Nashville Sessions, was released in 2016 prompting “One to Watch” praise from Rolling Stone and Billboard. Outside of her headline ventures, Jenkins has toured with acts such as Lady Antebellum, Delta Rae, and Martina McBride. For additional information visit

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