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Lauren Jenkins Premieres Trailer For Music Short Film At Variety’s Music For Screens Summit in Los Angeles

November 2, 2018

Running Out of Road to Debut in 2019

WATCH First Teaser here:

LOS ANGELES (October 31, 2018) —Big Machine Records’ recording artist Lauren Jenkins will unveil the next wave of her music through a short film titled Running Out of Road in early spring 2019. Yesterday, the singer/songwriter who was recently highlighted by Rolling Stone Country previewed the extended trailer for the film at Variety’s Music for Screens Summit. Hollywood’s top music supervisors and industry greats such as Annie Lennox, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Netflix’s Westside team were in attendance as Variety’s Executive Music Editor Shirley Halperin introduced the trailer for the film that showcases Jenkin’s unique musical storytelling against the backdrop of the American West.

Running Out of Road not only stars Jenkins but was also co-written and co-produced by the Texas born, Carolina-raised singer/songwriter. (45 second trailer now available for viewing here:

“I told my label I was heading out to New Mexico and Wyoming to shoot some music videos with my friend Cole Smith and another friend of mine, Jack Noble, that I met in acting school,” said Jenkins. “I really always envisioned making a short film out of my songs but wasn’t sure if everyone else would understand my vision without actually seeing it. So we wrote a treatment, packed our bags and went out and just made this series of videos.”

“We brought back the videos to Big Machine and they were blown away by what we had done on our own. They said ‘this is definitely a short film’ and then gave us the funds to go back out and film more content to make it more cohesive,” added Jenkins.

“I am thrilled with how the film has turned out and grateful to have had creative freedom throughout the process. This project is very personal and very special to me. I love that we are releasing this music and the film in such innovative, refreshing ways.”

Taking a unique approach to releasing her music Lauren set out on her own path to tell her story through song and visuals by creating the music short film Running Out of Road and the accompanying music videos. The project will find a natural home on streaming mediums in order to debut the project as it was intended to be consumed, blending Lauren’s sultry vocals with staggering visuals.

The three original songs written and performed by Jenkins that are featured in the short are

  1. “Maker’s Mark & You” (Lauren Jenkins, Jessie Jo Dillon, Aaron Eshuis)
  2. “No Saint” (Lauren Jenkins, Ingrid Andress)
  3. “Running Out of Road” (Lauren Jenkins, Ingrid Andress, Jessie Jo Dillon, Tina Parol)
Jenkins began touring as an independent artist when she was just 15-years-old. She chose a life that would fit perfectly in the songs she writes: across countless smoky bars, fake IDs and endless miles on the road. Music has been Jenkin’s constant companion. Her unfiltered lyrics and unmistakably authentic vocals blend traditional country roots with Americana influences. She’s equally at home with cheerful radio-friendly melodies one moment and expressions of raw emotion the next.

Jenkin’s full-length debut album will be released in 2019.