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Los Angeles based Brassroots District welcomes the release of their new single “Repetition.”

May 1, 2019

Brassroots District is not a band. It’s an idea. A musical collective. A respite from negativity. It’s a space where freaks and businessmen, weirdos and stiffs come together for a night of unadulterated joy. To dance, sing, smoke, drink and make good, good love. BRD’s first headlining concert experience at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles this April encouraged the audience to suspend reality, leave the troubles of the outside world behind and enter the uninhibited world of the Brassroots District in the year of 1973. 

The concert experience ended in a full audience Soul Train line with the band jumping off stage and exiting the back door in a New Orleans 2nd line where they were greeted with polaroid pictures of the evening. The night included an Impeach Nixon protestor leading chants, a drug dealer discretely hooking up patrons with goodies and a Creem Magazine reporter interviewing patrons about the evening.

The new song, “Repetition” brings the swagger of the Crescent City into the nightclubs of 1973 Los Angeles. The song is a love anthem for New Orleans personified by a couple deep in love, but who are struggling to cope with a shifting dynamic.

Brassroots District’s front man, Copper Jones and front woman, Ursa Major met while their respective tours intersected in New Orleans. Their paths crossed at Preservation Hall just off Bourbon Street. Jones was busking out front while Major performed in the Hall. Jones was making such a ruckus that it was disturbing the ticketed show inside. Instead of asking Jones to find a different spot to busk, Major invited Jones in to join the band and they performed Sly and the Family Stone’s “Family Affair.” Once back in LA, Copper Jones and Ursa Major formed Brassroots District to spread the magic of New Orleans, the pulse of LA and the power of community. 

Brassroots District welcomes you to funk out 1973 with a pulsating heart, unhinged mind and electric soul.