Red Light Management


April 4, 2019


LISTEN TO “RED RIBBON” HEREMadilyn Bailey debuts the music video for her first original track of 2019 today, “Red Ribbon”, which released worldwide on Friday March, 29. The song was written in honor of her late Grandmother, and tells the process of Madilyn finding a way to cope with her loss. The track saw major placement on YouTube Music and NetEase as well as early playlist adds on Apple’s Breaking Singer/Songwriter and multiple worldwide New Music Friday’s on Spotify.

The official music video premiered on her YouTube channel this morning and has already amassed over 100k views in its first few hours. It features Madilyn’s story as well as the stories of 8 other women (including violinist Lindsey Stirling and content creator Rebecca Zamolo) who have faced tremendous hardships and have emerged even stronger than before. Each is tied together beautifully with the red ribbon, which to Madilyn, represents the continued perseverance through obstacles life throws your way and never giving up on loving wholeheartedly. 

Madilyn comments on the meaning behind “Red Ribbon” saying, “The natural reaction when something hurts us is to avoid it all together. We touch something hot and it burns us, so we never touch it again. But to love deeply and fully means to become vulnerable to pain. I see this pain as a privilege to have been able to love someone so wholly that their absence rips your reality apart. Our hearts are not only capable of enduring this, but I believe it is what they were made to do. To use our hearts is to risk immense heart break, but that breaking is evidence that we are fully alive.  I hope this song inspires the world to love more fiercely and to never be afraid to speak their pain into the light so it can heal.” 

“Red Ribbon” is available now on all platforms here: