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Madilyn Bailey – Tattoos and Therapy

June 9, 2023


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Today (June 9th) rising pop artist Madilyn Bailey (you may know her from her YouTube channel) shares her captivating new single “Tattoos & Therapy”. A powerful pop hook is juxtaposed against Madilyn’s raw lyricism on the dynamic track, creating a single that is as relatable as it is fun.

Madilyn is a bonafide social media sensation with 9.5 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.2 million followers on TikTok, 1.8 million followers on Facebook and 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify. She made a name for herself covering popular songs on YouTube before gaining further notoriety in 2021 when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent using her own original song with lyrics made up entirely of hate comments she had received on her channel. Madilyn’s resilience and talent caught the attention of Simon Cowell and she swept through all the way to the competition’s semi-finals.

With the release of “Tattoos & Therapy” Madilyn proves that not only can she reimagine other artists’ successful tunes -– she can write a pop hit of her own. From the topical lyrics to the punchy production to the perfect sing-along chorus, “Tattoos & Therapy” has all the makings of a chart-topper.

“Tattoos & Therapy” combines a danceable rhythm with Madilyn’s powerful vocals as she gets vulnerable about the bad habits that signal an impending downward spiral. Madilyn’s charming candor makes “Tattoos & Therapy” effortlessly relatable and totally judgment free as she boldly admits, “I’ve got this self-destructive energy / Text my ex and regret it immediately / End up in somebody’s bed / And wake up hating me / Instead I’ll get tattoos and therapy”.

Madilyn says this of the new track:
“There are a lot of unhealthy vices in the world. Coupled with how overwhelming and confusing navigating life can be, it’s almost too easy to turn to self-destructive behaviors like texting an ex late at night or drinking too much and then buying dumb shit off the internet. I’ve found it helpful when self-destructive tendencies kick in to have a healthy alternative for all that angst, enter ‘Tattoos and Therapy’. Wanna text an ex? I’ll call my therapist instead. Want to go out? Go get a tattoo instead.”

More Info:
Hailing from a tiny town in rural Wisconsin, Madilyn began posting acoustic covers to her YouTube channel in 2009. Her viewership quickly exploded and her covers of Titanium (120 million views), Rockabye (71 million views) and Shape of You (52 million views) have all gone super viral on the platform. She found a passion for writing her own music shortly after and has defined her voice as an artist through a number of successful original singles like True Crime, Red Ribbon, and Tetris, all of which merge Madilyn’s clever, relevant lyricism with powerful pop production.

Madilyn – Tattoos & Therapy