Red Light Management


February 23, 2024

GRAMMY-nominated artist and producer RY X is set to release his latest single, “All I Have” on Feb. 22 following the release of the official video on Feb. 15 which has already amassed over 300K views.

In a career marked by global performances in iconic spaces and collaborations with esteemed orchestras such as the LA Philharmonic and London Philharmonic, RY X’s artistic journey reflects a commitment to expression and vulnerability. The multifaceted artist has not only accumulated over a billion streams online but has also received platinum and gold records for his recordings. His presence has graced prestigious events like the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and venues like Notre Dame and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

RY X shares his sentiments about the creative process: “As the beginnings of a new album start to show in my studio and my life, I feel a deep pulse of readiness to let them bloom. ‘All I Have’ was written as one of these songs among travels, finding its way repeatedly under my fingertips and through my lips in different parts of the world.”

Recorded in Spain during the summer, ‘All I Have’ is RY X’s first release with The Orchard. The song “seems to carry a gravity with it that feels parallel to the emotions it was made from. A lament of love and the letting go at the same time,” Ry says of the track.

RY X is constantly in pursuit of connection. Connection to nature, to spirit, to the human experience – expression and vulnerability is at the core of his work and what he evokes as an artist. He has toured and performed around the globe in some of the world’s most Iconic spaces, alongside producing and writing records for artists like Drake, Diplo, Black Coffee, and John Legend.

He has also scored for the Gothenburg Opera and NDT, and continues to work in collaboration with dance and other art mediums, along with scoring numerous film projects. His work is multifaceted, deeply emotional, and continually based in a reflection of what it ultimately means to be human, in its wide range of somatic and emotional experience. Ry engages all forms of artistic expression with his heart at the fore