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Violet Skies


You’ll be familiar with Violet Skies without realising it.  Having spent the last few years writing for other artists around the world, as well as founding sheWrites, a global series of female-only writing camps, Violet Skies is setting up her stall alongside her artist peers; a Welsh singer-songwriter with ambition as big as her voice.
Growing up in a village in Wales, UK, she’s a self-confessed nerd, perfectionist and has known since the age of 4 that music was her future. Violet Skies, (adopting her grandmother’s name) writes “pop with teeth” and co-produces all her music; a combination of searingly emotional vocals, uncomfortably honest lyrics about her relationships, and infectious melodies.
The resulting output walks a fine line between making you cry about an ex you thought you were over – and laugh about the one you’re glad got away.
If it’s not already clear, she’s not content with the definitions of what it is to be a female singer-songwriter. She’s somewhere between Adele and Robyn; a product of her parents’ eclectic musical tastes and a 90’s childhood.
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Violet Skies – Swedish duet

The first of 3 international duet versions of Violet’s song ‘Lonely’, that originally came out in April. This version features rising chart-topping Swedish star Molly Hammar writing and singing a…

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Violet Skies – (just the piano) EP – out now

In the spirit of thinking outside the box during this year, Violet Skies has just released an instrumental piano-only EP featuring four beautiful reworkings of her most popular songs to…

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