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Zingara Announces Headline Tour and Album: The Code of Dreamz

February 9, 2024



Zingara, will be heading out on tour this spring in support of her upcoming debut album, The Code of Dreamz. 

“The concept of this tour and album is to fully embody my childhood dreams (my manifestations/future goals and the ones that take place while I sleep). Lots of shadow work and childhood memories have been popping up as I have been working on this behind the scenes creatively. So much transformation. I am obsessed with decoding dreams and I finally get to bring to life everything I have learned, seen and experienced into my music, visuals and shows😭 I am so excited for you all to experience this world. I actually had a dream the night I knew it was time for an album telling me to call it the Code of Dreamz😅🤪SooooOoo much more on the music later, but for now, let’s get back on the road baby!!! 🥳”

The Code of Dreamz Tour is set to kick off on March 22nd and will hit 20+ cities. Tickets are on sale now & available HERE

Zingara had a busy 2023 with major touring and festival plays including the sold out headline ASTRA Tour, joining LSDREAM on The Radical Audio Visual Experience, and multiple festivals including Electric Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, Elements, Heatwave, Bass Canyon and more.  A steady stream of releases included singles with ALLEYCVT “REMEMBER ME” & Lowcation “Spirit Tears”, a remix of LSDREAM’s “R.A.V.E.” and her most recent remix of CloZee’s “VISIONS” on Odyzey Music. While still floating into new dimensions and explorative themes fans of Zingara have become accustomed to, The Code of Dreamz will prove to be an expansion sonically to her previous releases.