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Adia Victoria Releases New Album: A Southern Gothic

September 17, 2021


“In the decade-plus she’s spent perfecting her version of blues, the South Carolina-born Nashvillian has studied how the heavy air of the South — its buggy, vine-twisted landscapes and historical decadence, the stain of racism and cleansing downpours of resistance — shapes its people…A Southern Gothicfully explores this experience.” NPR 

“In her music, the blues is a baseline and a frame of mind, not a genre boundary; it pushes her to take risks.”  The New York Times

“An eerie, acoustic-guitar-driven tune that expands to thick bass and a ghostly orchestra of strings and banjo, “Magnolia Blues” traces one woman’s journey back home. In the process, it reclaims a piece of Southern iconography for all Southerners.” ROLLING STONE“With a fiery brilliance, A Southern Gothic subverts the title phrase. Victoria tells about the South from the perspective of Black women in a collection of mesmerizing songs that traverse the rawness of Hill Country blues, the country soul of Memphis, the urban rap of Atlanta, the spiraling layers of folk blues, and the sultry languor of smoky jazz.”  NO DEPRESSION

Adia Victoria has released her new album, A Southern Gothic.  The LP was executive produced by T Bone Burnett and co-produced by Adia and Mason Hickman.  With A Southern Gothic, Adia continues her journey through the conflicts of the American South and the troubling resonance of its past.  Sonically, the album is full of frequent juxtaposition. It is equal parts historical montage and modern prophesy, dark and light, love and loathing. The 11 tracks are the musical embodiment of the relationship that so many people, especially Black women, have with the South.  A Southern Gothic features guest appearances by addition Jason Isbell, Margo Price, Matt Beringer, and Kyshona Armstrong.

Earlier this year Sonos Radio launched Call & Response, a weekly show hosted by Adia that celebrates the communal spirit of music making and listening. The show is framed up as a dialogue between Adia and today’s leading artists.  Season 1 guests included Jamila Woods, Brittany Howard, and Brandi Carlile.  Season two of Call & Response kicked off last week and will draw upon the musical and emotional themes of A Southern Gothic.  This week’s guest was four-time GRAMMY award-winning singer-songwriter Jason Isbell.  Following the removal of the confederate monument to Robert E. Lee in Virginia, Jason Isbell sat down with Adia for an open conversation reflecting on his own identity as a white southern man.  Find Sonos’ Call & Response via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Mixcloud.

Yesterday WXPN’s famed World Cafe aired a session from Adia.  It was shot at Nashville’s Club Roar and she performed the album’s lead track “Magnolia Blues,” followed by “Mean-Hearted Woman,” and “Whole World Knows. ” Adia closed out the set with her  2020 single, “South Gotta Change