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Justin Jay & Thumpasaurus Are Awesomely Weird AF on Dance Funk Collaboration: Exclusive

October 11, 2018

It’s the Friday before April Fools’ Day. It’s time to get weird as hell.

Justin Jay may be the strangest person in dance music today, but he also might be one of its most genius creative minds, and when he teams up with live musicians, he breaks down the barriers of what dance music can be — or maybe he’s just getting back to their original funk and disco roots. Either way, his latest single “Dance Like It’s Your Ooey” is going to freak you out.

It’s actually an edit of a song called “Dance Like It’s Your Life” from Thumpasauras, a band the California producer has known for years and is currently teaming up with on new EP Justin Jay x Thumpasaurus, to be released on Jay’z label Fantastic Voyage.

Justin Jay


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“Thumpasaurus is an insane five-piece punk/funk band that formed in LA at USC while I was in college,” Jay says in an emailed statement. “I’d see these guys tear it up at rowdy backyard house parties or in people’s living rooms where sweat would drip from the ceiling. I can’t explain how formative it was for me musically to see Thumpasaurus. They reignited my interest in live music and bands. They’re a huge musical inspiration of mine. Stoked to have done this collaborative EP with them.”

“Dance Like It’s Your Life” is an exciting first listen exclusive to Billboard Dance. He’ll follow this with a one-time performance alongside Thumpasaurus at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles, Sunday, April 1. Tickets are one sale now.

After the show, he’ll follow with the EP’s official lead single “Wayne’s World,” coming out Friday, April 9.

Josh Taylor and Justin Jay 


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“’Wayne’s World’ is an original, sparked by an iphone recording of the bass player, Logan Kane hitting a beer bottle with a drum stick,” Jay explains. “The rest of the EP is a bunch of edits and remixes that range from a simple DJ edit of ‘I’m Too Funky’ to completely re-imagined versions of songs like ‘Space Barn’ and ‘Dance Like It’s Your Life.’”

For now, strap on your weirdest seat belt and prepare to get bizarre with “Dance Like It’s Your Ooey” below.