Red Light Management


April 19, 2013

Since her critically acclaimed 2010 debut album ‘Catching a Tiger’, Lissie has forged a reputation as one of the most talented and enigmatic female rock artists of recent times. She recently released a lyric video for the upcoming new single ‘Shameless’. Her much-anticipated sophomore album is set to be released this September.

Bristling with distorted guitars and fiery attitude, ‘Shameless’ is a smoldering commentary on the culture of modern celebrity, introspectively examining what it takes to achieve fame and success in current times. Building towards its rousing climax, Lissie’s raw vocals and gritty, heartfelt delivery make for a compelling and blistering return.

“We live in a society where terrible behavior is rewarded with coverage and attention, where celebrity is seen as a talent in itself. I understand the allure of image and of a good story but i sometimes feel like it trumps the content. When i wrote Shameless i’d just been feeling so over how much bullshit style over substance there is to “making” it in this business” said Lissie.