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November 28, 2022



Listen Here:

Right off the back of her successful UK tour, which culminated in a spectacular performance at London’s Lafayette, Rae Morris releases 10 breathtaking piano versions of her critically acclaimed new album: ‘Rachel@Fairyland’.

About the album:

Rae Morris brings us ‘Rachel@Pianoland’ – a powerful re-imagining of her third record, this time putting the spotlight on the song writing at the core of this modern classic. Reuben James masterfully accompanies Rae’s unique vocal melodies, resulting in a heart-warming and soothing listening experience. One to soundtrack a busy day for an escape into peace and tranquillity. 

Revised Track Listing:

1: Banana bread (No woman is an island)
2: Wise words (Better man)
3: The old Blackpool tower (Spitting from the top)
4: Birdsong on the breeze (Morning isn’t morning)
5: New year’s eve (Go dancing)
6: Nothing comes close to us (Skyscraper love)
7: Lightning speed (Running shoes)
8: Closing time, no such thing (A table for two)
9: Sing it dolly! (The carrot)
10: Something tells me i’ve been here before (In the wild)
– Rae is the cover of Spotify’s ‘The Other List’.